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Online edition

Launched in 1997, iiStorebuilder online has made its mark as the one of the first web browser based E-commerce system for online businesses worldwide.

iiStorebuilder online provides you a user-friendly development tool with step-by-step templates to make building your online store quick and easy.

Modify/manage your store is child's play when it comes to iiStorebuilder Online with features such as:

  • Fully customisable store design;
  • Import and export capabilities;
  • Secure payments and real-time credit card clearing;
  • Sophisticated freight systems;
  • Supports multiple tax systems, including GST, sales tax and exemptions.
  • Image uploading and management;
  • Database-driven solution with support for SQL Server and MySQL (Server edition only).
  • And much more!

From just AUD $15/month you can be online and selling*. [ Click here to buy. ]

*: conditions apply

Online edition plans

Get your iiStorebuilder Online site on one of our fantastic value plans. Plans available from just AUD $15 p/mth. (see plans and pricing below).

Bronze Silver Gold
iiStorebuilder Online up to 15 products up to 1000 products up to 3000 products
Database type SQL (shared) SQL (shared) SQL (shared)
Shared PHP/MySQL hosting None Yes yes
Email accounts 10 10 20
Spam Assassin FREE FREE FREE
Hard disk space 100 MB 200 MB 500 MB
Data transfer 1 GB 2 GB 5 GB
Support Level 1 Level 1 Level 1
Monthly fee * AUD $15.00 AUD $25.00 AUD $35.00
Once off setup fee AUD $NIL AUD $NIL AUD $NIL
buy buy buy

Email accounts include:

  • Self administration control panel. Add, modify, delete email accounts at will.
  • Retrieve your email via any email client including Microsoft Outlook
  • Retrieve your email from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser. Its like having your own personalized Hotmail service for your very own email accounts.
  • Use a catch-all account for anything@domain.com or setup individual email accounts.
  • Optionally setup a free auto-responder for specified email accounts for canned responses.
  • Optionally setup a free auto-forwarder to have your email accounts forwarded to another email account such as your ISP account.

Support levels:

  • With support level one, if customers on support level two or higher have issues, those will addressed first before support level one customer's issues are addressed.
  • With support level two, if customers on support level three or higher have issues, those will addressed first before support level two customer's issues are addressed.
  • With support level three, you get priority support.


  • If you are an existing iiStorebuilder Online customer, please contact us for upgrade or transfer.