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Creating a store

Select a store template from one of the many templates included with iistorebuilder Studio. Each template supports different functions such as member logins and includes alternative page layouts.

Don't be too concerned if you can't find one you don't like as the templates can be fully custom designed or you can even design your own!

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Preview your store on your own machine

Having used the create store wizard to create a store you will now be able to view your store on your own machine via the iistorebuilder Maintenance application interface (shown on the left) or from within a standard web browser.

Previewing your store on your own machine is made possible due to the fact that the application ships with a development version of the iistorebuilder server software. This server software enables you to preview your store and any changes you make offline on your own machine.

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Tree data view

iistorebuilder Maintenance displays your category and item data in an intuitive tree view. Double click on any of the nodes to display and edit the information from the database for the relevant category or item.

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Spreadsheet view

iistorebuilder Maintenance also includes a spreadsheet view of your database.

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Import data wizard

The import database wizard makes importing your external data sources much easier.

The wizard supports the following file/data formats:

  • Excel
  • Access
  • MYOB
  • Quicken
  • ODBC
  • Text (CSV or tab delimited)